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Improving Staff Scheduling in Canadian Healthcare

Logibec Scheduling & Analytics


Key recommendations to help your organization overcome constraints in Canadian healthcare staff scheduling

Staff scheduling plays a central role in the management of Canadian hospitals’ day-to-day activities. To this day, it remains a very conventional and people-driven process that relies mostly on manual administration.

Cloud-based technology is now offering new, practical ways to optimize conventional scheduling processes to meet the 6 main challenges in healthcare staff scheduling.

6 Main Staff Scheduling Challenges Faced by Healthcare Organizations

  1. Maintaining budget due to overstaffing, unnecessary overtime, and grievance penalties 
  2. Insufficient staff planning that results in disproportionate skill mix, inability to track against budgets and staff shortages
  3. Employee stress and burnout which decreases job satisfaction increases absenteeism and reduces work productivity
  4. Last minute shift replacements that cause undue strain on staff
  5. Inaccurate timekeeping practices lead to incorrect timesheets, understaffing, and risks patient safety
  6. Compliance violations which results in costly grievances, workplace dissatisfaction, and increases levels of employee stress and burnout



  • Lori Furey, Product Director, Logibec
  • Jeff Pidhirney, Business Analyst, Logibec